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B fine Power

Functional still drink with lemon aroma and aftertaste. The drink is enriched with vitamins of group B, as well as the complex of amino acids "BCAA". Daily consumption of the drink helps to strengthen the immune system, increases efficiency, helps in the formation of a muscle corset. Recommended for people leading a sports lifestyle.

The recommended consumption is 2 liters / day.


prepared water, natural lemon flavors, ascorbic acid, B vitamins, BCAA amino acid set, preservatives: potassium sorbate (E202), sodium benzoate (E211).


is a complex that contains three essential amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine), which are metabolized in skeletal muscles, and not in the liver, like other minacids. In fact, BCAAs are the main building blocks of muscles.
Regular consumption of BCAAs can reduce fatigue, increase performance, and also bring positive results in the formation of a beautiful, toned body.

Nutritional and energy value per 100 ml of drink:

1 kcal / 4 kJ:
carbohydrates - 0 g:
proteins - 0 g:
fat - 0 g.

Shelf life 360 days.
GOST 28188-2014.
Available in 0.9L, 0.5L and 0.25L sizes.