Company info

In caring for the health of society, we have created a line of functional (nutraceutical) drinks, the main task of which is to strengthen the immune system and prevent the development of various diseases. Nutraceuticals increase the energy of a person, charge with a supply of vigor, efficiency and good mood. Thanks to this, nutraceuticals create an optimal physiological and emotional background for maintaining health. All products in our line are enriched with vitamins, minerals and various natural additives that have a positive effect on human health.

The flavors and compositions of our drinks have been developed in close cooperation with leading experts in the field of nutraceuticals. To create original flavor compositions, we used GOST recommendations and the opinions of focus groups.

In the process of creating these products, the technologists of our company conducted a huge number of comparative tastings in order to identify the most popular flavor combinations. It is thanks to such a voluminous work carried out by our specialists that this innovative line of tasty and healthy drinks was created.

In 2020, our products received a gold medal at the International Food Exhibition in the “Innovative Product” competition in the “Innovation in Product Composition” category.